T & C’s

Protech alarms will meet its obligations under the consumer guarantees act. There is a 7 day right of cancellation available to the client.

(a) Where alarm monitoring is the only service requested by the customer and an actionable alarm signal is monitored, the Company will use all reasonable efforts to notify the Customer contact by telephone. Once a customer contact has been advised, the Company’s responsibility will have been fulfilled and Police will not be contacted and Patrols will not be dispatched unless so directed in the Customers’ written instructions or an oral variation of the Customers’ instructions Should the Company be unable to make contact with the Customer contact, the Customer hereby authorizes the Company to dispatch a Patrol and/or alert Police if considered necessary in the opinion of the Company.
(b) In the event that the Customers’ premises are found to have been violated and the Customer is still unable to be contacted the Customer hereby authorizes the Company to arrange for additional security measures to be temporarily put in place if considered necessary in the opinion of the Company until the next regular working day.

(a) The Customer shall give the Company detailed instructions in writing prior to the commencement of services under this agreement
(i) The data base record of Customer instructions kept by the Company will be conclusive evidence as to all oral variations made by the Customer, and
(ii) Details of the Customers’ current instructions may be confirmed with the Company
(iii) The Client acknowledges their responsibility to supply a clean working telephone line to Protech for the purpose of monitoring the alarm.
The client is responsible for all telephone carrier charges and maintenance on telephone lines. Protech is not responsible for any telephone faults that compromise monitoring or alarm hardware due to telephone faults or acts of God.

(a) The length of time for which this agreement shall be in force is 12 months from the date of commencement.
(b) Unless written notice is provided at least 30 days prior to the last day of the term for which this agreement is in force, this agreement shall automatically renew for a period of 12 months from the original end date.
(c) Termination
1. Protech Alarms may terminate the agreement if the client breaches any of the terms set out in the agreement or if the client vacates the premise.
2. The client may only terminate this agreement by providing 3 months’ notice of cancellation.
1. I. In the event that the client terminates the agreement, the client becomes liable to Protech Alarms for the cost of any subsidies made available to the client because of this agreement.

(a) Where the Customer requires a patrol response upon the Company receiving an actionable alarm, the Customer agrees to pay for the attendance of the patrolman at the rate set by the Company from time to time.
(b) The customer shall pay all monies payable to the relevant Police, Ambulance or Fire Services or any other public authority in relation to any fee for attendance at the premises. The customer is also responsible for the locksmith, keys and also access to the property for security personnel. Should any such amount be paid by the Company on the Customer’s behalf, the Customer shall fully reimburse the Company for these amounts upon demand.
(c) The Customer shall pay the service fee or charges for other work as involved by Protech Alarms by the due date. Should the Customer fail to pay the service fee or charges for other work under this agreement by the due date, Protech Alarms may suspend the performance of its obligations under this agreement until such time as all due payments have been made.
(d) Protech Alarms is not responsible for guard response. The customer has a separate contract with your nominated guard company. Should there be any requirement on Protech Alarms’ behalf for anything guard related (callouts, key dispatch or static guards) the customer is liable.
(e) The customer agrees to pay any debt collection costs that may be incurred in trying to settle accounts with Protech Alarms.

(a) The client irrevocably authorizes:
1. I. Protech Alarms to collect personal information about the Client as the Company may require for its credit enquiries or for marketing purposes from any third party as Protech Alarms considers appropriate.
2. II. Protech alarms to furnish to any third party details of any personal information the company has or may acquire concerning the client for credit or marketing purposes.
3. III. Any third party to provide to the company such information as the company may require in response to the companies enquiries.